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Direct flights to New York
With its convenient positions on both sides of the Atlantic, there are several airlines offering direct New York flights from the UK. National carriers of both UK and United States offer a wide range of direct departures from the UK airports. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta and the American fly straight from London, Edinburgh and Manchester to New York. United has offered wide choice of departure airport, as well as non-stop flights from Birmingham, Newcastle and Belfast to New York.
If you are looking for low-cost direct flights then check out Thomas Cook's direct route between Manchester and New York, Norwegian are trying to blow more cheap states than ever before, and a direct flight between London and New York Offer.
Direct flights to New York will save you time on the indirect route, usually it takes about eight hours. The exception is Belfast because it is close to New York, a direct flight should stay for about seven and a half hours!


Travel to New York
New York's three main international airports, JFK, Newark and LaGuardia are the most flights to New York flights on JFK, but some of the cheap fares can be in Newark. Direct flights originate from UK airports including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. New York is one of the rare long haul destinations where direct flights can be as cheap as indirectly.


Upon arrival in New York
The easiest option in the city centre is to jump directly into Yellow Taxi from its New York hotel. Taxis from JFK work on a fixed rental system, currently $52 are in the centre of New York. Taxi fares vary from Newark and LaGuardia vary but they should be spent at the cost of $26 or $38, respectively. Do not forget to tip your driver - $1 is a bag right Alternatively, car rental is readily available at all airports, if you can control the heavy traffic of New York itself, being New York, Public transportation is easily available and convenient. We have listed the main routes to go to New York from each airport given below:




Air train
Follow the signals from the immigration cell after the luggage claim. Air train links 365 days per year and directly to Metro and Long Island Rail Road in 24 hours a day, in Manhattan. The rent is $5


Local bus
Two shuttle bus companies based in Manhattan are working with JFK and for them. Both regularly walk throughout the day, and take 45-60 minutes in the city. Rent $14
The easiest way to reach the Metro is to take a free shuttle bus at a long-term parking space. This will take you to the JFK Subway station, where Subway for Brooklyn will take you to bigger interchanges for further travel. Travelling on the metro with large luggage can be difficult, especially if you reach peak times.
The bus stops terminal is located on the east side of the road. The rent is $ 2.25, you'll need to make accurate changes to the fare and if you have large pieces of luggage it's just inappropriate.




Shuttle Bus
New York Airport Service Express Bus and Express Shuttle USA both operate the LaGuardia coach throughout the day. Expect to pay between $ 10 and $ 13. Travel can take 60 minutes.
Subway and bus service
Both the New York bus service and the Metro are closed in LaGuardia, but larger items are not recommended. Fare is $ 2 in exact change
Newark International Airport
Air train
The air train connects with destinations in Manhattan and Intercity Rail and operates the entire year clock through the whole year. The fare is free with less than $ 5.50 to 11
Shuttle Bus
Newark Liberty Airport Express runs shuttle buses for several stops in Manhattan all day long. The journey takes 45-60 minutes and the rent is $ 15 one way or $ 25 return.
Getting around New York
This can be tempting to simulate New York City's style of screen favourites like Carrie Bradshaw and Serena van der Woodson, and whenever you want to take any of the famous yellow cabs, but remember to keep an eye on your budget. Keep it! The metro system is really comprehensive and you can take it wherever you want - and make sure that you can not imagine how much you will see while walking for your next destination!

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