Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India

India: A Premier Healthcare Destination

As time goes by, India has become a top spot for medical value travel because it has high scores on many factors which determine the quality of overall care. Imagine a tenth of the process of taking a complicated surgical procedure from fifth to tenth salary in world-class global hospitals by medical experts. It is India that has a list of the benefits of travel for medical treatment in India, from the quality of medical, to the extent of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower, zero wait time to do any medical procedure.

Health tourism India is a professionally managed, diversified enterprise in main areas of health care, health care recruitment services, doctors and surgeons' panel, information technology, tele-communication, e-learning and travel and tourism services.

Why India? The basics for successful healthcare solutions:


High-end health care system in India is as good as the best in the worldwide. India not only maintains a strong recognition system but also has a large number of recognized facilities (about 275 such facilities that match any global infrastructure). JCI (Joint Commission International) in India has a good number of recognized hospitals (22) and is compared with other countries in Asia. These sets of approved hospitals in India can provide equivalent or later care of global standards.

Frontier technologies

To support medical diagnosis and medical procedures, cutting edge techniques have been employed by experts in medical facilities. All recognized hospitals have invested a lot in assistive technology and operative technology. Complex heart surgery, cancer care and surgery, neuro and even normal surgeries require high-end technology for consistent better results, reduce complications, are able to recover faster and stay in hospital Reduce the duration. Recently, all the achievements in radioactive measures are available in India with the option of robotic surgery, radiation surgery or cyberknife stereotactic options, IMRT / IGRT, transplant support system, advanced neuro and spinal cord. India's medical management and acclaimed experts are quite comfortable in challenging themselves from new boundaries to provide solutions, they always build on their expertise.

Finest doctors

India has not only world-class facilities, but also skilled world-class doctors and medical staff. The country's largest pool of doctors and counsellors in South Asia (1.2 million allopathic doctors, 0.17 million dentists, 2 million nurses). Many of them have established their identity as leaders around the world. India's medical history spreads thousands of years through Ayurvedic and alternative medical forms. About 0.8 million are formally trained Ayurvedic doctors, with a large number of doctors, there is a high level of competency and ability to adopt new techniques and innovation and latest treatment methods. This is a great example of a high volume of high quality and vice versa. Communicate, talk to doctors about accredited facilities before your visit and they will study your needs and optimize the treatment for you!

Financial Savings

Quality of care attracts people, however, quality services should not be beyond the patient's strength, if the quality comes at an affordable cost, then this is an unbeatable advantage. This confluence of highest quality and cost benefit of India Unique to This benefit is unimaginable when it comes to major treatments such as leukemia, where the difference in cost is 10 to 20 times. For other treatments, it may be between fifth to tenth and between 80 to 90 percent in some South Asian medical sites compared to western countries. Approximately 600,000 people who move from other countries to India do not do this for cheap healthcare but rather for quality health care at an affordable cost. They do not compromise at any level, but they gain health at a fraction of the cost.

Fast Track – Zero Waiting Time

Immediate and immediate attention for the surgery and all intervention in India is being assured that an appointment for bypass surgery or a planned angioplasty in some countries takes approximately 3-6 months. And they are very expensive. It is time to wait for zero in India for any process, it is heart surgery, kidney care, cancer treatment, neuro-spinal procedure, knee / hip / joint replacement, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, weight Loss surgery etc.

Feeling the pulse

In order to understand more between patients and healthcare personnel, the amiability and hospitality of Indian hospitals is a major factor in choosing India as a health care destination. In the top medical sites of the world, the highest percentage of the English language of the people speaking in India is in India. Among the diversity of culture and traditions, if there is one thing which is common in India, then it is an English language. If other language options are required, then there are specialist lecturers who will be arranged by the hospitals. Leading to great hospitality to assure all hospitality and after care.

Facility Location

  • Delhi
  • Coimbatore
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Nedumbassery
  • Anand
  • Panchkula

Medical Treatment

  • Physiotherapy & rehabilitation
  • Allergy
  • Haemetology
  • Bariatric surgery / obesity management
  • Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular Surgeries
  • Dental Care / dental surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Dermatology

Medical Providers

  • Ayurveda & Alternate Medicine
  • Wellness & Rejuvenation
  • Medical Treatment

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