Maharaja Rail Introduction
Maharaja Express has redefined the experience of luxury travel offering guests unforgettable, while soaking the rich cultural heritage of this region, leaving the guests with unforgettable memories.
Launched in 2010, this train has won many awards by winning the hearts of its guests and influencing the travel journalists and critics international. The "World's Leading Luxury Rail" award, the most prominent, has won five years in a row at the World Travel Awards from 2012-2016.
Simply put, the Maharaja Express luxury train is the most lavish medium through which a passenger can experience the diversity of India in a short span of time.
With state of the art facilities, eco-friendly technologies and beauty interior; Every fine extension of the train is carefully prepared with thought and care.


Maharaja Train Trips
It is a daunting task for frequent travel to assimilate the diversity offered by India. That's why train trips are prepared in such a manner that ancient and modern India come alive after setting up a huge mix of heritage and glory of gems and treasures of the country. Thus, the name of the five circuits is chosen.

  • Guided excursions to monuments, fortresses, wildlife sanctuaries, world heritage sites.
  • Exclusive cultural performances.
  • Diverse optional tours including spa treatments, golf session, shopping tours.
  • Special fine dining arrangements on excursions.
  • Sightseeing in luxury buses.

Maharaja Train Facilities
The saloon of Maharaja Express train has been influenced by the private salon of the Eastern Maharaja of India. Every carriage offers a unique atmosphere because every person is named after a famous gem of the Maharajas and has been prepared according to that individual pattern.
Life on board is about grandeur, pan and entertainment
You will have a gastronomical dining experience on restaurants' restaurant, color palace (color palace) and two restaurant trains of Mayur Palace (Mayur Palace). Relax or relax at Rajh Club Lounge and Safari Bar, which is the center of luxury train. Drinks, snacks, board games, cultural activities with attractive seating arrangements are mostly for attraction. You can learn more by providing interactive myths and historical sessions by Vedic sessions, astrological sessions, Bollywood dance and travel directors. In addition, there are notable guest lecturers on the selected signature trip.

Maharaja Train Cabin

The only luxury train to offer 4 types of cabin with a unique dimension and 14 guests join the salon. Saloons have been named after the great jewel of Maharaj and have been well prepared in that fashion.

Key Features
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Air temperature control.
  • Bathroom with W.C, basin and shower cubicle with running hot and cold water.
  • Dedicated butler service.
  • Folding writing table.
  • Live TV, LCD Screen and DVD Player
  • Direct Dial International Telephone Facility
Key Features Exclusive to Suite/Presidential Suite
  • Living room.
  • Complimentary Mini-Bar.
  • Bath tub.

Maharaja Train Guest

Famous persons like Vivek Singh (Ceelab Chef) and Sir David William traveled the train and thought about their adventures along with many travel writers.

Single female travelers, alumni organizations, board of directors are often guests nationalities who have traveled, are the most American, British, Australian, Japanese and Emirate

After going to the board, you become part of that specific club.

The Board team on Maharaja Express is trained to meet the individual needs of various nationalities. The members of the team who speak different languages. There are cooks that at any time can at any time dine from 50 countries on food.

Maharaja Train Configuration

The train can accommodate upto 88 guests.

  • 5 Deluxe Carriages
  • 6 Junior Suite Carriages
  • 2 Suite Carriages
  • 2 Restaurant Carriages
  • 1 Presidential Suite Carriage
  • 1 Bar and 1 Lounge Carriage
  • 1 Kitchen Carriage
  • 1 Executive Managers & Tour Managers Coach
  • 1 Staff Carriage
  • 2 Generator Coaches
The Maharaja Train Assurance:

Luxury & Comfort

Most spacious and amenity filled luxury train in the world


  • 24 hours availability of paramedic on board.
  • Air ambulance service in case of emergencies
  • CCTV cameras, Smoke alarms, RFID door locks

24x7 Service

Personalized butler assigned to each carriage.

Cuisine Variety

Talented chefs on board can create a personalised meal plan according to your dietary requirements

The Maharajas Express train is managed by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) The experience is on par with a 5 Star Hotel.

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