"Varanasi" The oldest city in the world

"Varanasi" The oldest city in the world

Varanasi is also known as the holy city of India, Kashi and Banaras. For centuries, Kashi, the city of Moksha for Hindus, is known for its excellent quality silk, 'Pan' and Banaras Hindu University and uninterrupted old days, Varanasi is the most popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. One of the seven holy cities, Varanasi city is also one Shakti Peeth and one of the twelve Jyotir sexes in India. In Hinduism, it is believed that the people who die and the last rites are performed here, there is an instant entrance to the liberation from birth and birth of the cycle.

It is believed as the residence of the Lord Shiva, Varanasi river is situated on the bank of river Ganga's, which is believed to have the power to overcome all sins. As the Pandit will tell you here, whatever sacrifice and charity is given or donated, due to the power of that place, its fruit is harvested more than thousand times more than the good deeds done at other places. It is believed that in the city of Varanasi three thousand nights of fasting can get the reward of many thousands of births!

Varanasi is the oldest city within the world. Varanasi is more than 3000 years old and is famous as the city of temples. In Varanasi, there are temples on every little money. Given the number of temples in Varanasi, it is difficult to believe that during the medieval period, a large number of them were demolished. The Jyotirlinga Vishwanath temple or the Golden Temple, in 1776, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that knowledge Vapi is well understood (meaning 'well of wisdom') that it is believed that Lord Shiva himself had dug himself. It is believed that the Majestic Alamgir Mosque has changed one of the oldest temples known as Bindu MadhavaTemple. Thirty hundred million pilgrims are full of horrors and wonder with astonishing numbers.

Ganga Ghatas (opposite river) are Varanasi's most popular pilgrimage sites and are centers of music and education. There is a great tradition of pilgrimages in Kashi of the holy city and the most sacred path is of Panchkoshi Parikrama, along with a radius of five miles, the way of 108 temples have been included on the way, its main temple with Panchkushi Temple. Another popular pilgrimage route is Nagara Pradakshina, in which the seventy-two temples are included. Varanasi is a great learning centre since ancient times. The holy city has been a symbol of spiritualism, philosophy and mysticism for thousands of years and has created great saints and personalities like Gath Buddha, Mahavir, Cabin, Tulsi Dass, Shankaracharya, Ramanuja and Patanjali.

Day wise Travel Itinerary with Worldbesttravel
Day 1: Arrive in Varanasi
Come from the flight / train in Varanasi and meet one of our representatives and greet and proceed to check in at the hotel.
Sarnath visit / afternoon
In Sarnath Buddha's life there are four geographically important places where he was born (, Nepal), where he received knowledge (Bodh Gaya, India), where he gave his first sermon (Sarnath, India) and where he had his mortal Left body (Kushinager, India)

Evening sightseeing / Ganga Aarti (Retreat Aarti)
The aarti starts right after sunset, because it spreads in the dark. People reach the Ghats at 500 to 5 a.m. We will reach there even before time and will occupy our place as the crowd increases over time. Night over at Varanasi Hotel

Day 2: Varanasi (morning visit and city tour combined)
The morning excursion is also known as the Golden Temple, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the god Varanasi, who is headed by the city, is said to be the point where at first jyotirlinga, which is the light of Shiva situated in the light of light, other deities But the supremacy is broken through the earth's crust and it is tilted towards the sky, more than the Gath and the Ganga, the temple of Shivalinga, Varanasi, is worshipped. Remains.

City tour {temple}
1. Bharat Mata Temple- is unusual for the absence of the statues of gods and goddesses, this temple is dedicated to Mother India and in exchange a map of India is there.
2. Tulsi Mandir Tulsi Manas Temple - In 1964, this temple is situated approximately 150 meters south of Durga Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Rama and is situated here, where great medieval Saint Tulsidas, the great epic, is written to Shri Ramcharitmanas.
3. Durga Temple - About 2km south of Varanasi, here 18th Century Durga Mandir is also known as Monkey Temple due to the aggressive monkeys located here.
4.New Vishwanath Temple
Vishwanath Temple - Built by Birla situated in the premises of Banaras Hindu University, this temple was planned by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. This temple is open to all people despite caste or creed.
5. Banaras Hindu University
Banaras Hindu University - This was one of the oldest educational centers in India.
Founded by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya in 1917 for the study of Sanskrit, Indian art, culture and music

Nearest airport: Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport is located 25 km north-west from the city centre. Air India, Jet Connect, SpiceJet and Indigo operate regular flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Khajuraho and Visakhapatnam. Flights to Kathmandu on Buddha Air, Colombo flights to Mihin Lanka Airlines, and flights to Bangkok on Thai Airways

By Rail
Nearest railway station: Varanasi junction, Manduadih railway station, Mughal Sarai junction (20km east of city). There are many daily services in cities including Delhi (13 hours), Agra (13 hours), Lucknow (7 hours), Mumbai and Kolkata.

from the way
By the state government, Lucknow (8 hours), Gorakhpur (8 hours), Khajuraho (12 hours), Kanpur (9 hours), Faizabad (7 hours), Bodhgaya (7 hours) and Allahabad (3 hours).

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