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Ranthambore Wild Life

Who would have thought that this is such an amazing subject ............ just looking at a recent customer's trip around northern India and the Tiger Reserve at Ranthambore.  Up at the crack of dawn, dressed to withstand the cold of the hard morning and the cooling breezes too in the expectation of seeing these delightful, safe ( well, from the jeep anyway ) tigers.  Sometimes difficult to find but if you look long enough you might be lucky on your photoshoot..  There's often plenty of food on the hoof for these majestic creatures to fill their tummies without resorting to the delicacy of the photo trigger happy followers.  There are still a few " man eating " tigers around but they are very few now.  I remember some years ago when camping in the Royal Chitwan National Park and awakening in the morning to find tiger paw prints in the dust, bang right there outside my tent.  Scary or what !  But hey, survived another day, didn't see any tigers that trip but sure knew that they knew I was there.  Just glad they weren't hungry eh !  And there we were gently ambling with our guide on an evening stroll through a little dense jungle, pushing our way through the shrubs and branches of the low slung trees.   A comforting evening stroll, after dinner and getting ready for sleep after a long day's photoshooting on this Royal Chitwan adventure., making our way towards Kathmandu for the next leg of our journey.  Noiseless evening, no birds, just the slight breeze pushing the smells and whispers of the trees through the atmospheric evening walk. Then, for heaven's sake, we stumble upon a mother and her baby rhinoceros, just there in a clearing ............  now totally alert, sniffing the air and braving the likely emerging forces of some strange creatures with an odd odour, wafting on the breeze........ US  Hell, our guide was in a state of total but amazingly quiet panic. There we were, not as quiet as he would have wished, thankfully not crashing around in the undergrowth but now STOPPED DEAD in out tracks. The fear of the guide, the palpable fear of the rhinoceros for the safety of it's baby. We travellers totally unprepared for what could come next  ....  a likely fatal charge by the mother to " see off " and maybe destroy the unknown baby rhino predators ......  US ..................Instinctively we all new to be silent, totally still and then the guide amazingly, almost silently telling us in a totally quiet " shout " to edge back, get out of sight from the mother rhino and hope that we would be safe.That we sure did, edged our way out of range and aghast at the probable fate that would have been heaped upon us ......  gored and crushed to death by the magnificent massive beast ..............  just protecting it's young ! Take care when you're on foot in the jungle, be aware of your surroundings and for heaven's sake, just never panic, well, not until you have to  !