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General Information About Venezuela

Venezuela is South American country situated on the northern coast. It possesses tropical resort islands, Isla De Margarita and the Los Roques Archipelago along with the Caribbean Coast. In the Northwest zone, there are Andes Mountains too and the British colonial town of Merida which is a base for hiking the Sierra Nevada National Park and the capital Caracas is located in the north. The major attractions to visit are Angel Falls, Canaima National Park, Morrocoy National Park and Mochima National Park.

  • aracas

    Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, located in a beautiful valley, is a commercial and cultural centre located in a northern mountain valley. Caracas is a cosmopolitan city. Cheap flights to Caracas, Venezuela are available from most of the international cities. It has restaurants, bars serving cuisines of different cultures and cities. The streets and highways are always crowded may be because of cheapest gasoline available. It is a fascinating destination to explore with excellent food options and bustling nightlife. Caracas has attractive and beautiful landscapes. The mountain Mount Avila separates Caracas from the Caribbean Sea. Natives and tourists spend weekends in the Waraira Repano Park located on the top of mountain and is accessible by ultramodern Cable Car. Las Mercedes and La Castellana are popular late night hot spots and are live till 5 a.m. next morning.

  • erida

    Located in the Andes Mountains of northwestern Venezuela, Merida is famous for its Spanish Colonial architecture. Cheap flights to Merida are available for you to have fun and entertainment in the region of mountain and valley. Sierra Nevada and Sierra La Culata national park witness beeline of tourists. It has a lively nightlife and cultural events. Venezuela has the highest and second longest cable car in the world known as Mukumbari. Traversing 12.5 kilometer journey it attains the height of 4765 meters and is a famous engineering marvel with a history of 40 years. Once shut down in 2008 as it reached the end of service, The modernization project started in 2011 and the ultra modern cable car opened its door for public in 2016. There are several small but beautiful towns here.

  • argarita Island

    Margarita Island of Venezuela lies in the Caribbean Sea about 40 kilometers north of mainland. One of the most popular Holiday destinations, it comprises two peninsulas linked by sand and mangroves of the Parque Nacional laguna de la Rastinga National park. Book your flights to Margarita Island which is also known as Pearl of Caribbean Sea. The population exists on the eastern peninsula which has cities Pampatar, Porlamar and La Asuncion. There are beautiful beaches, few of them are even isolated are full of sea and beach sports activities like surfing and golf etc. The zone is full of beach bars, discos salsa club and fine restaurants. Go for mountain hiking; explore mangroves in National Park horseback ride and swimming with Dolphins.

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