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General Information About Turkey

Turkey is a nation which extends across Eastern Europe and Western Asia with its cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, and Roman civilizations. Visit here to experience Istanbul for historic city and a combination of Europe and Asian cultures. The other Turkish destinations to visit are Antalya famous major historic sea resort; Cappadocia for fairy chimneys and underground cities; Izmir for Roman ruins. The city called Bodrum has a lively beach region and a port of historic importance. Alanya is famous for Cleopatra Beach and historic Alanya castle. Ankara which sits on Turkey’s central Anatolia region, is the Turkish capital and famous cultural hub. Ankara is vibrant and cosmopolitan and is a centre for performing arts. State operas and ballets are performed here.

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    The unique characteristic of Istanbul is that this lovely location straddles Europe and Asia across Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul has Black Sea and the Marmara on the either side. This city has the influences of many empires of the past. You cannot visit Istanbul in a rush. Plan a trip for 4-5 days so that you can visit all top sights. There are numerous London to Istanbul flights available. In the store of Istanbul there are lot of Hotels, Hostels, apartments and flats available for accommodation to suit every pocket. The top sights of Istanbul are Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque and Hippodrome. Plan your vacations and board on Manchester to Istanbul flights or Glasgow to Istanbul flights. One can visit Grand Bazaar on feet in 15 minutes or have the tram ride west of Sultanhamet along the old Roman Road. Enjoy the Turkish tea or coffee and have a flavor of Turkish Cuisine. Istanbul is a city of dreams. Istanbul is a city of ancient empires. Istanbul has lovely beaches to have fun activities.

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