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General Information About Mexico

Mexico is the link between the USA and Central America. It has amazing and vast beaches, deserts and forests. Mexico has the endangered species, volcano rabbits. The Mexican­USA border is the second longest in the world. This country is located in the Ring of Fire, the zone of violent earthquakes and volcanoes. Comparatively safe places to visit in Mexico are Mexico City, Merida, Todos Santos, Huatulco and Puebla. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Guanajuato is a 16th century spectacular hill area famous for it’s historical silver mining. Mexico is renowned for it’s “ blue coastline “ and palm smothered beaches.

  • ancun

    Welcome to Cancun, a Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering Caribbean Sea. Cheap flights to Cancun are available. It has sparkling sand beaches, numerous resorts and top nightlife destinations. This is a famous fun destination for students during spring break season of colleges. It is composed of two distinct areas. One is El Centro which is a traditional downtown area and Zona Hotelera equipped with high-rise hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and shops. The landscape grows exotic flowers. Apart from this, you will find golf courses and coral reefs. Find out flights to Cancun and have fun.

  • exico City

    Welcome to densely populated and high altitude fascinating capital of Mexico, known for Templo Mayor. Go searching cheap flights to Mexico City as It is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. Most of the tourists’ attractions are concentrated here at the historic centre, like Plaza De La Constitution, The National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Palace of fine arts and Alameda Park. Discover ancient Aztec remains. Go boating on Trajinera, a type of colorful wooden boat, to experience ride through canals and gardens.

  • uerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico Pacific Ocean. Go enjoy water sports there and have fun on beaches along with robust night life. Its historic cobblestoned centre is home to the omate church. Find out Cheap Flights to Puerto Vallarta. It has boutiques and wide range of bars, restaurants, a beachside promenade with contemporary sculptures, lounges and night clubs. The nearby locations to this city are Mascota, El Tuito, San Sanstian, Talda De Allande, Punta Mita and San Pancho.

  • ijuana

    Tijuana is a border city in the south of California. The bustling main street Avenida Revolution is lined with souvenir shops and raucous bars. Click on Cheap Flights to Tijuana to have fun.While in Tijuana, one can visit Rosarito, one of the most popular retirement places among American Citizens. It is so because of its proximity to the northern border. This is the ideal place for relaxation and comfort. Spend your time in big shopping malls. Choose your own favorite cuisine. You can have Maxican cuisine or International cuisine like Chinese, French and Italian.

  • erida

    Search Flights to Merida, the vibrant capital of Mexican state of Yucatan, the cultural and financial state of the region. Discover a mixture of rich Mayan and colonial heritage. The 16th century mansion Casa De Montejo is colonial landmark platerasque architecture. Here the Colonial era churches were built using relics from ancient Mayan temples. Search cheap flights to Merida. It’s a modern cosmopolitan city with museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops and boutiques. It’s a major centre for commerce and is considered crossroads of the region. After the arrival of the Spanish, the ancient city’s main five pyramids wer destroyed and their ruins were used to built Merida’s Cathedral and other important buildings.

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