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General Information About Kiribati

Kiribati is a central Pacific island republic stretching along the equator. It has lagoons and white sand beaches but many islands are uninhabited. It offers a remote setting for fishing, diving and bird watching. The capital South Tarawa is crowded and is made up of small islets retaining remnants of WW II battles fought on its shores. It is also known for folk dancing and handicrafts. Other prominent destinations here are Kiritimati famous for fishing, surfing, scuba diving and fly­fishing. The Malden Island has ruins and much history. Tabuaeran is popular for surfing and fishing. Christmas Island is the largest landmass of the archipelago and the world’s largest atoll. This entire area is a wildlife sanctuary strewn with ponds and animals. One can find huge colonies of birds.

  • hristmas Island

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