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Hong Kong

General Information About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan state and the former British Colony in Southeast China. Hong Kong is a vibrant and densely populated city. It is a major port and global financial centre famous for its skyscrapers. Hong Kong is constituted by three huge islands named Hong Kong, Kowloon, Lantau and a zone called New Territories of Mainland China. There is much to see when you take a trip from London to Hong Kong.

The foremost thing is Chek Lap Kok airport which is built on an artificial island by converting two small islands. This bridge connects the city through Tsing Ma Bridge, the engineering marvel with a weight of 49000 tonnes structured steel. Visitors throng here to see the twin similar bridges. There are flights from London to Hong Kong. You can opt for Glasgow to Hong Kong flights and Manchester to Hong Kong flights to land into this world class city.

One of the major attractions of Hong Kong is The Victoria Peak, the highest point from which one can have the panoramic view of entire Hong Kong. The other major attractions are Ocean Park, Bustling Street, Disney Land, Buddha statue at Ngong Ping and Madame Tussauds. There are exotic beaches like Repulse Bay, Stanley Beach; Hong Kong has a great nightlife too. So plan out your vacations and enjoy this previous colonial state.

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